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Anthony Brennan & Associates is
a registered trading name of
Proceuro International Limited.

Anthony Brennan & Associates is registered in Ireland, No: 218605. Registered office: 5 Beach Close, Renmore, Galway.

About Us

Anthony Brennan & Associates (ABA) was founded in 1994 as a business development consultancy with a particular focus on start-ups and expansions in manufacturing & technology based companies. Its major theme was defined as growing businesses profitably and increasing their value.

ABA currently employs six people, five of whom are CIMA part or fully
qualified, ensuring a business management orientation and one of whom is a Chartered accountant. Our staff as a mixture of business, legal and IT backgrounds and they are continuously trained using CIMA and HBR business school packages and courses.

ABA has had a significant involvement with 20-25 growing companies in strategic planning and financial control. This involved preparing strategic plans and follow-up for companies with the emphasis being on customer/product contribution analysis and early management review of performance information using balanced scorecard data and simple systems and tools.

ABA provides highly trained part-time financial controllers to companies who are not ready to hire a full time controller. In addition companies can draw on appropriate levels of skill from ABA as required and at short notice,thereby minimising the often costly and time consuming elements of the traditional recruitment process.

Anthony Brennan M.D., is a hands on professional, with over thirty years experience of improving cost and profit performance and enhancing value in businesses ranging from SME's to very large corporations. Before founding ABA in 1994, he held a number of management positions in Digital Equipment for 14 years. Anthony received his commerce degree from UCD and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He is a graduate of IMEDE (Switzerland) 2-year business management development program.Fake Watches falske klokker jam tangan palsu väärennettyjä kelloja falske ure

Anthony Brennan & Associates. Town Park House, Tuam Road, Galway, Ireland. T: +353 91 755 480 F: +353 91 753 538 E: tony@abrennan.ie